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About Us

Consultants with an in-depth understanding of the Southeast Asia market

About Us - southeastasiamarketresearch.com
About Us - southeastasiamarketresearch.com

Market Research Southeast Asia is an Asia-focused B2B strategic marketing consulting firm that provides advisory services to companies and government agencies across the region.

Under YCP Solidiance, our team at Market Research Southeast Asia has broad and deep expertise in the agriculture, construction, manufacturing, automotive, construction, healthcare, food and beverage, and manufacturing sectors, as well as industrial, healthcare, and agricultural sectors in Southeast Asia.

Our main objective is to help clients achieve sustained and profitable growth in Southeast Asia by passing on market understanding. We design strategic recommendations based on comprehensive Southeast Asia marketplace analyses."

How We Work

How We Work - Personalized and Specified Business Solutions

Market intelligence, not market data

We get the facts straight from the marketplace. We go direct to primary sources and immerse ourselves in extensive fieldwork to tap into the expertise of industry insiders to provide clients with in-depth market intelligence that will allow them to leverage opportunities in Southeast Asia.

Deep insights, personalized solutions

Our consultants create customized solutions for each client and develop new strategy frameworks. We zoom into every client’s key issues and make specialized recommendations to ensure their business growth given their unique circumstances in the Southeast Asia region.

How We Work - Market Research Southeast Asia
How We Work - Local Flavor, Global Impact

Global skills, local flavor

Our professional analysts and consultants have diverse and rich backgrounds and deep knowledge of the Southeast Asian marketplace, complete with a wide understanding of the regional culture and local languages. We are committed to delivering high-quality services that allow businesses to thrive in Southeast Asia.

Our Team

  • Septian Waluyan



    Septian is a Partner based in Indonesia. He built his expertise in consulting industry in Indonesia with the focus in FMCG, consumer-related sectors as well as manufacturing. He has managed and worked in various type projects for the firm including go-to-market strategy, M&A, commercial due diligence, marketing strategy and channel management projects. Prior to YCP Solidiance, he was a product manager for several MNCs in Singapore and The Netherlands. He is a growth facilitator as he worked in a leadership company before, working on organisational transformation field. Septian graduated with an MBA from Rotterdam School of Management (The Netherlands), and received his bachelor degree from Nanyang Technological University (Singapore).




    Mehdi is a Partner based in Thailand. He has over 11 years of experience in marketing sales, distribution, e-commerce and digital within the FMCG and healthcare industries across Asia, Europe and Latin America. Mehdi brings with him an excellent track record in strategy formulation, business development and large-scale expansion growth within top tier MNCs in the personal care, healthcare and food industry.

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