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Dive into the latest market trends and issues with our insights on Southeast Asia's vast industries.

Digital era

Private Equity & Investment

Navigating the Digital Era: Future Jobs and Skills in the Age of Digitalization

The job market's transformation driven by digitalization highlights the need to understand emerging trends and acquire essential skills for thriving.

06 May 2024 Read more
indonesia beauty market

Consumer & Retail

An Overview of Indonesia’s Beauty Market

The Indonesian beauty industry is a booming sector, reflecting the country's growing interest in skincare, cosmetics, and overall wellness. This market is divided into several key segments, each catering to the diverse population's unique preferences and needs. The market spans various products and services, from skincare essentials that promise radiant, healthy skin, to decorative cosmetics that enhance natural beauty.

28 Apr 2024 Read more
Indonesian Skincare Market Understanding

Consumer & Retail

Understanding the Indonesian Skincare Market: A Consumer Overview

The Indonesian skincare market represents a vibrant and rapidly evolving sector within the broader beauty industry. Understanding its intricacies, including consumer demographics and prevailing trends, is essential for businesses seeking to capitalize on its growth potential.

28 Apr 2024 Read more
halal market size SEA

Consumer & Retail

Analyzing the Halal Market Size in Southeast Asia

Key players like Malaysia and Indonesia support the halal market size in Southeast Asia, contributing significantly to halal industry trends.

18 Mar 2024 Read more
Thailand healthcare 4


Telemedicine 2.0 in Thailand's Healthcare System

Thailand embarks health innovation with Telemedicine 2.0, revolutionizing its healthcare system by addressing challenges while leveraging opportunities.

21 Feb 2024 Read more
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